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      Adolescent  Groups          Relationships           Anger Management    Parenting    Couples Workshops      and more!!!

If you are interested please send us an email with your selected workshop , include your name, telephone and a valid email and we will be happy to forward you more information.  Space is limited...


                                           Positive Empowerment Parenting for Today’s Teenager.

Do you ever wonder how are you ever going to make it through your kid’s adolescent years?

Have you ever wondered if your child is doing drugs/ Alcohol?

What can I do to improve and create an open communication with my children?

Have you ever said, “Where Did I go wrong?”


 This informative, educational & interactive workshop will empower you with effective parenting techniques, will allow you to ask questions and get them answered, and set enforceable limits that work.  And much More!!! 
Thease outstanding workshops will be presented by Matthew McMillan he is a Licensed Professional Counselor & a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist. His area’s of expertise are the assessment & treatment of Adolescents, Adults, Couples & Families with Mental Health disorders an /or Substance Abuse. Mr. McMillan speaks and consults locally and nationally on topics of Anger Management, Dual Diagnosis, Parent/Child conflicts, Relationship Enrichment,  Professional Skills Develpoment Skills,Substance Abuse & Workplace Management. He has a Counseling & Consulting Private Practice in Greensboro NC. 336-329-8506