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We are a Family Oriented Practice. We provide  our patients, clients with accurate and current  Treatment  for today's Mental Health  & Substance Abuse Issues.
We can provide your company assistance with:

    * Design and Implementation of Employee Assistance Programs*

    * Employees, Supervisor  & Management  Training*

    * Workplace Consulting*

    * Troubleshoot Company Policies*

At Matthew McMillan & Associates, Inc we are dedicated to providing exceptional care to our patients & clients along with excellent service.

Licensed Professional Counselor 

          Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist  

                Certified Clinical Supervisor

                          National Certified Counselor & Masters Addictions Counselor

We have  extensive   experience in these types of settings:

  • Inpatient/Outpatient Facilities
  • Design and Facilitation of Substance Abuse Programs 
  • Domestic Violence and Anger management Programs
  • Professional  & Public Speaking
  • Group  Settings
  • Supervision of College Student Interns
  • Workplace EAP Programs
  • Consulting for Workplace Improvement & Management Training 

Please, Check back with us as we are currently adding and developing New Valueable Resources